2015: The Re-brand-ening!

Three years ago today I released my first album, Good Luck. For right now, that's still my proudest achievement, mostly because I actually stuck with something for a year and a half and finished it and I still don't totally hate it.

Today is a kick-off of sorts. You're looking at a new version of the website, new logos (THE RE-BRAND-ENING!), and within the next few days I will be releasing the first single from my new EP, which itself will be out soon.

Thanks for sticking with me. <3

NEW TRACK: Bathymetry

Two years ago I released my first album and labor of love, Good Luck. Here’s a new track.

So, the next thing is going to be an EP, not an album, because another album right now will almost definitely kill me. There are also a number of other things I’m working on as well, so basically still an album’s worth of material, just split up. This track was originally going to go on the EP I’m working on but as it’s taking shape I’m realizing that it’s just not really going to fit in with the rest of the material. I’ve been opening a few shows with it, so I figured what the hell, let’s release it.

Hope you enjoy.


NEW REMIX: Nine Inch Nails - "Vessel (Animalweapon Remix)"

…I mean, you can’t reasonably expect me not to remix NIN at some point. Come on.

Started this one a year ago, played a rough demo of it at last year’s Ravesgiving, couldn’t figure out what to do with it and shelved it until recently, when I picked it back up and finished it for this year’s Ravesgiving.

Thanks to everyone (a lot of you!!!) who came out last night - that may be the most fun I’ve yet had onstage.

Everyone else, hope you dig this!