Album Release Details: GOOD LUCK Coming 3/27

It’s been a long time coming but I’m proud to finally say that after a year and a half of work, the first full-length Animalweapon album is finished.

The album is called Good Luck and it will be available on March 27th.

It consists of ten tracks, all written and recorded between early fall 2010 and like a week and a half ago. You have several options for acquiring it and they are all dope:

First and foremost, the album will be available digitally via Bandcamp for free with an option to donate. (You know - Radiohead steeze.) This is the best way to download because you’ll get it in the highest fidelity possible. It will also be available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and Beatport (the prices will vary) as well as streaming on Spotify. Some of these might take a little longer to go live than others, but it’ll be there.

The album will also be available to purchase as a physical CD. This is my first release with Philosophy Major and they are graciously helping to make this happen. We’re still ironing out the deets; it’s possible the CD will be a little behind digital but I’ll keep you posted. Trust. It will definitely be a nice package - the amazing Jonathan Williams has one-upped himself once more with some BEAUTIFUL artwork, as you can see above, because you have eyes. Once the physical version is ready you’ll be able to buy it online as well as at shows.

This is a very exciting time for me, I really can’t wait for you to hear this. I’m a big fan of albums as an art form, so I’ve put a lot of time and attention toward structure and order - I think this record flows well and feels cohesive and I hope that you guys will listen to it start to finish a few times.

So there that is. Thank you for all your support thus far, it’s been really humbling to get such great feedback from total strangers (and friends) both online and at shows. I can’t tell you what it means to me.