GOOD LUCK: Physical Copies Shipping 11/19; Pre-Order is Yes

FINALLY. After months and months, physical copies of my album Good Luck will begin shipping November 19.

If you’ve been keeping up (sup, local fam?) you’ll know this was supposed to happen back in March shortly after the digital release. Since I’m not big-time enough for an explanation to be required of me, and since a truthful one would necessitate me doing a little shit-talking (well-deserved, but I’d like to stay classy) the short version is this: I was promised a run of CD’s and told they were on their way in the mail every day for nearly two months before discovering that no order had ever even been placed. That party is out of the picture and I am the boss of this op, so no uncertainty this time.

As per the original plan, the CD’s will be in cardboard digipack cases, with the same package design Jonathan Williams completed this spring - I can’t wait for everyone to see the entire other half of his artwork.

They cost $10 + shipping, which also gets you an immediate digital download (if you don’t have one yet) to tide you over until this beauty lands in your mailbox. There will also be an option at checkout to have your copy signed for no extra charge. You can pre-order now, on the same page where the digital download lives at

This first printing will be a very small one and very nearly all profits will go toward another printing once I start running low (okay, and maybe a bottle or two of Dogfish Head Theobroma. Sue me.) And side-note: Since we’re in economic recovery mode, the album will continue to be available as a free download.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this; I can’t wait to hold this thing in my hands and get one into yours (rrrraaarrrrrr.) Thanks as always for the support!

- P