NEW REMIX EP: Giant Robot Apocalypse

At long last some talented friends and I are proud to present to you our Giant Robot Apocalypse EP.

The 7-track release includes five vastly different and super dope remixes of “Giant Robot Apocalypse” from my good friends AK-87, Oneiric, Frank Kastle, Man of the Downtrodden and Alex Palumbo-Green. The remixes are amazing and I can’t even begin to express how honored I am that they let me talk them into this. Meanwhile, the great Jonathan Williams has once again made me shit my pants with his amazing artwork, which as per usual will also be included in the download as wallpapers.

I’m treating this as a souped-up new “single” - if anyone reading this is involved with college radio and can get it on the air where you live, I’ve included a “clean edit” (the word “shit” is excised) and you would be the best person ever.

These guys worked their asses off to make this project happen. I hope you enjoy it!

Track List:

  1. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Original Version)
  2. Giant Robot Apocalypse (AK-87 Remix)
  3. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Man of the Downtrodden Remix)
  4. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Oneiric Remix)
  5. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Alex Palumbo-Green Remix)
  6. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Frank Kastle Remix)
  7. Giant Robot Apocalypse (Clean)