About two years ago, in the early days of this whole project we had a snow day. I had the day off and terrible tires on my car so, stuck in the house, so I decided to initiate a One-Day Super Challenge™: write, record, and totally finish producing a new song, start to finish, and release it, all in the same day.

I got writer’s block and failed miserably. I did however keep at it over the next few weeks after that and nearly finished it before leaving it alone for a long long time until recently. I played it at like two shows this past summer and have been putting the finishing touches on it (new vocals, finishing the mix, etc.) the last few weeks.

The original goal was to put this out next time there was a snow day in Raleigh, but since it’s Raleigh and half the time it’s like 60 degrees in the middle of the fucking winter, I figured posting it as a Christmas gift would be the next best thing.

So here it is! Hope you dig it. (Try and remember to play it if it DOES snow where you live.)

This has been an AWESOME year for me musically, what with releasing an album and then a remix EP and playing a ton of shows and gaining a little momentum and getting CDs printed and all that. Thank you guys SO MUCH for your awesome support. :)